Sustainability at the European Athletics U23 Championships

The Municipality of Gävle strives to become one of Sweden's most eco-friendly municipalities. In 2013, we adopted an environmentally strategic programme with designated goals within seven different areas. As a result of this, in 2017 and 2018, Gävle was considered Sweden’s second most sustainable municipality.


The European Athletics U23 Championships in Gävle 2019 is going to be a sustainable championship with world-class hospitality. As arrangers, we will do everything we can to minimise the event’s environmental impact on the city. Our goal is that everyone who is involved in the championships, one way or another, will want to contribute to our sustainability work.


The event project has received a diploma for our sustainability work via Svensk Miljöbas, the Swedish Environmental Base. (in Swedish)


In order to receive this sustainability qualification, we must fulfil all mandatory requirements from the Swedish Environmental Base and constantly aim to improve our sustainability work. These criteria will help us reduce our environmental impact and our resource consumption.


What do we do?

We try to minimise trips and transports with vehicles driven by fossil fuels.


We choose locally produced goods and services whenever possible. Hence, less transportation is needed.


All waste that emerges will be separated at source, in accordance with Gästrike Återvinnare’s waste sorting guide.


We work to minimise unnecessary purchases related to the event and try to reuse material that we already have.


We avoid single-use plastics.


Only organic milk and coffee will be served during the event.


By producing our official programme in a digital format, we try to avoid printed material. We also recommend our exhibitors to avoid flyers.


We serve pure and clean tap water from Gävle instead of bottled water.


The electricity that is used for the event is made from 100% renewable sources.


How can you help?

It is important for us that our visitors help us reach our sustainability goals. Here are some ways in which you can help us reduce the event’s environmental impact:


Walk, bike, or use public transport in order to reach Gävle and Gavlehov Stadium Park.


Use our recycling stations to throw away your waste.


Bring your own empty water bottle and refill it in one of our water stations.


Choose food that is locally produced, vegetarian and organic.


Share your views! Do you have an idea as to how we can improve our sustainability work? Email us at [email protected].