On this page, you'll find the latest news about the European Athetics U23 Championships in chronological order.


15th of July, 2019

Thank you for putting your hearts and souls into this, for making great achievements and impressive results. You've been great! 


14th of July, 2019

Another part of Gävle.

Here the old Gävle, with buildings like the port warehouses and iconic coffee roastery Gevalia, meets the newest district Gävle Strand. All just minutes from the city centre. What better place to arrange the race walk? 

14th of July, 2019

"In a ranking, it is in the top five of every competitions"

Hear Siegfried Schonert, Team Manager Germany, talk about why he thinks that Gavlehov Stadium Park is something out of the ordinary! Here athletes can practice, warm up and compete in the same place.

14th of July, 2019

The best job?

Does Daniel have the best job at the U23 championships in Gävle?


13th of July, 2019

Race walk

On July 14, there is a race competition at U23EM in athletics at Gävle Strand. The women compete at 12:15 PM and men 2:15 PM.
In connection with the competition the street along Norra Skeppsbron up to Redargatan and back is off between 08.00-16.00.

Between 11 am and 4 pm, at the Skatepark, there are a variety of activities for the visitors to try.

Spectators can take the shuttle bus back and forth from Gavlehov Stadium Park to Hotel Elite. Bus departs from Gavlehov Stadium Park at 11:30 and 13:30. The bus returns at 14:15 and 16:30 from Hotel Elite.



13th of July, 2019

Without volunteers the European Athletics U23 Championships would not be possible!

This is Lennart and Elisabeth, together with 600 others volunteers they are here contributing to a sustainable championship with world-class hosting. We are so grateful to have you here!


12th of July, 2019

No single-use materials

"In this section we don’t have any single-use materials at all!"

Vegetarian and ecological food and no single-use materials - we do everything we can to be a sustainable championship

11th of  July, 2019

This is Molly!

The first search dog in the World detecting only doping substances. She´s on set here in Gävle at European Athletics U23 Championships 2019, to secure a doping-free competition!

10th of July, 2019

Welcome to the Main square (Stortorget) in Gävle and the inauguration of the European Athletics U23 Championships Gävle 2019.

From 3 pm: Try fun activities like trampoline, yoga, unicycle and juggling.

5 pm: Live on stage: finale of the music competition ”P4 Nästa” with radio station P4 Gävleborg.

6 pm: Inauguration ceremony with host Henrik Harrysson. Parade with flags from 50 nations, ribbon-cutting ceremony with Governor Per Bill and speaches from European Atlethic Association, Swedish Athletic Association and Municipality of Gävle.


8th July, 2019

World Record in Recycling at the European Athletics U23 Championships in Gävle

Gästrike Återvinnare is testing out a new recycling kit for waste sorting during the European Athletics U23 Championships in Gävle this summer with its sights firmly set on a new record within recycling. Different coloured bins with clear signs at eye level written in both Swedish and English will make it easy to know what goes where. The recycling kit shall also be offered to other events that want to focus on sustainability. The first to test the concept will be the European Athletics U23 Championships in Gävle 11–14 July.

  • “Most of the waste at the event will be recyclable. We believe in having only a few bins for general waste at a small number select locations, including one which is manned. In order to motivate visitors to sort their waste properly, there will be numerous recycling bins at several locations around the arena,” says Eva Johansson, Environmental Educator at Gästrike Återvinnare. “We will be on site to coach, inspire and explain the benefits of recycling and the difference it can make. At the end of the day, it’s the visitors themselves that have to do the work,” Eva continues.

In consultation with event management, a preliminary study has been carried out to identify what kinds of waste will be produced and where. Preparations have also been made to ensure a flexible response to any changes on site.

  • “We have given ourselves every chance to succeed and believe that our visitors, volunteers, officials and athletes are all ready and willing to help us set a new record in recycling. After all, the work we do for the environment is something that benefits us all,” Eva concludes.


Facts: Recycling kit for a sustainable event

The recycling kit has been developed in consultation with waste coordinators, environmental educators and communicators at Gästrike Återvinnare and Gävle Municipality, which has also been awarded a diploma for its environmental preparations ahead of the 2019 European Athletics U23 Championships in accordance with the Swedish Environmental Base.

Read more about Gävle Municipality’s sustainability efforts in connection with this event here.



2nd of July, 2019


The complete list of athletes, that will be competing in Gävle, is here! Congratulations to you all, see you in 9 days!

Read more here


1st of July, 2019

Sustainability important at the European Athletics U23 Championships 11–14 July 2019

Gävle Municipality’s key ambition is to continue being one of Sweden’s best, most environmentally-friendly municipalities to live, work and reside in. That is why it’s only natural that the U23 European Championships in Athletics will be a sustainable event with world-class hospitality.We are taking a sustainable approach to every dimension of our work and thereby minimising the negative impact of the championships on our urban environment.

In order to succeed in our aims we are doing the following:


  • Minimise the number of trips and transfers in vehicles powered by fossil fuels
  • Select locally produced goods and services to the greatest extent possible
  • Sort all waste in accordance with the Gästrike Återvinnare waste sorting guide
  • Minimise unnecessary purchases in connection with the event and reuse
  • our own materials where possible
  • Avoid disposable items made from plastic
  • Use organic coffee and milk products
  • Avoid documentation in paper form by only using a limited amount of printed materials
  • and by encouraging exhibitors not to use flyers
  • Serving local tap water from Gävle instead of bottled water
  • Only using 100% renewable energy for the event


  • Get around on foot or by bicycle or use public transport
  • Discard waste at the marked sorting stations
  • Fill up water bottles at the water stations
  • Choose vegetarian and local food


The event has been awarded an environmental diploma from the Swedish Environmental Base. Read more here


26th of June, 2019

Gunder Hägg Stadion is certified for international championships

A great deal of work has been done leading up to the U23 European Championships in Gävle to obtain the desirable IAAF* certification, class 2. The work now finished, and so Gävle will be able to host many major championships in the future.

  • The certification shows that Gunder Hägg Stadion has high standards and is ready for large championships and international athletic events, says Rebecca Fältström, who is responsible for Gavlehov Arenaby. This longterm investment will not only generate further championships which will eventually contribute to financial circulation from tourism, but also allow us to have a sporting arena for both elite and recreational players. An arena for children and young people where they can spend time together and spontaneously play sport. 

How did the certification take place?

  • Two track surveyors have measured hundreds of access points as precisely as possible. This is to ensure fair competitions with accurate track lengths and inclinations. The overall safety of the throwing sector’s length and breadth also contributes to the fulfilment of our responsibility and ensures a safe arena. For athletes, officials and the public, concludes Rebecca Fältström.

*IAAF = International Association of Athletics Federations is the international governing body for athletics.


20th of June, 2019

Media guide 

The media guide is now available for media to download here 


19th of June, 2019

SVT to broadcast the European Athletics U23 Championships in Gävle

Classic athletics channel SVT will broadcast the final rounds of the European Athletics U23 Championships from 11–14 July.
Jacob Hård will be commentating the championships, together with expert Kajsa Bergqvist. Further information about times and channels will be available closer to the time.

“The European Athletics U23 Championships are set to be full of excitement. They are a great opportunity to catch an early glimpse of rising stars.
Sweden has an entire new generation of athletes that look incredibly promising,” says Jacob Hård,
commentator for SVT.

“Hosting the European Athletics U23 Championships on home soil is going to be a great celebration of athletics,
where both current and future Swedish stars will get the chance to compete for medals. The fact that SVT is going to broadcast the competition
means that many more people will get to experience the event, and this is something that is very important to us,”
says Jan Larsson, Head of Marketing for the Swedish Athletic Association.

Jacob Hård Kajsa Bergqvist


12th of June, 2019

Medals that reflect Gävle’s history in a compressed format

The medal for the European Athletics U23 Championships is now ready. A unique medal that clearly reflects Gävle in its depiction of the globally recognisable Gävle Goat and elements of the Gunder Hägg Stadium in a compressed format.  The Gävle Goat is a clear and obvious symbol of Gävle. At the same time, it was also important to reflect Gävle’s love of sport and of athletics in particular.

"Designing the medals has been a long and exciting process," explains Sebastian Österman, Art Director of Gävle Municipality. Sebastian developed the design together with his colleague Erik Forsberg, who is a Tourism Officer and a qualified industrial designer.

"Packing such a huge chunk of Gävle’s history into such a compressed format has been a challenge," says Sebastian Österman. "We looked back over our history and recognised quickly that Gunder Hägg was a huge name within Swedish athletics."

“The very place where the U23 Championships will take place is none other than the Gunder Hägg Stadium," Erik Forsberg continues.
"So, with elements from Gunder Hägg Stadium together with the Gävle Goat, we were able to produce a design that is unique, and which perfectly symbolises Gävle."


5th of June, 2019

“Outside the box” medal packaging is the result of an exciting collaboration

BillerudKorsnäs and the University of Gävle have worked together with Gävle Municipality to create medal packaging ahead of the U23 European Athletics Championships, which will take place 11–14 July 2019.

Gävle Municipality invited BillerudKorsnäs to demonstrate the possibilities of our sustainable material in connection with one of the summer's major track and field events. Instead of doing the job themselves, the company launched a competition for students in the University of Gävle’s industrial design programme. The students’ task was to think outside the box and use innovative ideas to stretch the limits of the material – something that the winners truly managed to do, in the opinion of Angelica Eriksson at BillerudKorsnäs.

“As the designers of this medal packaging, we have done our utmost to realise the Municipality of Gävle’s vision of creating packaging that reflects the City of Gävle, and that really stands out in the medal cabinet. It was a great opportunity to get involved in something that means so much to so many,” says Anton Åberg, one of the three students involved in the project.

“We all had the same clear vision for this project and its goals, and the result was a smooth, fun and efficient collaboration. It was really cool to come up with a product that none of us had worked on before. It really gave us a new and exciting perspective on product design,” Anton Åberg concludes.

“The journey has been incredibly fun, and very instructive. Sustainability is central to everything we do, just as it is for Gävle Municipality. This collaboration brought students together with an international company, and gave us the opportunity to challenge conventions and elevate the biggest event of the year to be held in Gävle,” says Angelica Eriksson from BillerudKorsnäs.

More about the medal and its packaging will follow soon.


24th of May, 2019

One-of-a-kind throwing cage makes its debut at the European Athletics U23 Championships in Gävle this summer
Now both the public and the TV cameras will be able to get a better look inside the throwing cages. A completely new and one-of-a-kind throwing cage has arrived. And it will be making its worldwide debut in Gävle this summer. It is currently being tested on site, at the Gunder Hägg Arena, by Vanessa Kamga.

Instead of having to manage doors that weigh several hundred kilos, depending on whether a thrower is left- or right-handed, we now have a curtain that can be easily drawn to the side. The throwing cage has gone from twelve posts down to six, and the area it occupies has been reduced by three square metres. Safety has also been increased, by introducing wider nets between the posts. It is now impossible to have something bounce back against a post, or for a hammer to make its way out into the crowds.

Throwing cages have looked more or less the same since the 1950s. They have been built in batches, without any consideration of the potential for change or development. Two years ago, the Swedish Athletics Association gave Nordic Sport the chance to sketch out a completely new design. Focus was placed on simplicity, increased functionality and safety. A year ago, the idea was approved, and Gävle will now be the first place to use the finished product as part of a major championship.

Quote: Dennis Österberg, CEO of Nordic Sport

  • It feels so good, after two years of hard work, to finally see this finished product that we designed ourselves in place at Gunder Hägg Arena. We also feel very happy and proud to have done something huge for the world of athletics. The Swedish Athletics Association put its faith in us, and gave us the chance to develop an entirely new product.

Quote: Rebecca Fältström, Manager of Gavlehov Arenaby:

  • I am very excited to see Vanessa Kamga test out the cage with both hammers and discuses today. It’s very exciting for us here in Gävle to be the first in the world to have this cage.
8th of May,2019

Accreditation for media open

Written press, non-rights holders and photographers are now invited to apply for accreditation for the Gavle 2019 European Athletics U23 Championships which takes place on 11-14 July.

The deadline to apply for accreditation with accommodation at one of the official media hotels is 5 June. The deadline to apply for accreditation without accommodation closes on 28 June. 

Written press and photographers can apply for accreditation by clicking on this link and filling out the form. 

Non-rights holders can apply for accreditation by clicking on this link

For more information


17th of April, 2019

Race walk competitions connect the championships to Gävle city centre

When the EAU23CH comes to Gävle, most competitions will be at Gavlehov Stadium Park. However, the race walkers will compete in central Gävle.

16 female and 19 male athletes will compete in race walking on street Norra Skeppsbron beside the Gavleån river. The track is one kilometre long and the athletes will walk 20 laps.

- We feel honoured to be able to arrange such a large race walk in this beautiful city setting. Not many clubs get this opportunity, says Hannes Gidlöf, chairman of Gefle IF Friidrott.


8th of March, 2019


Today, we release the official timetable for the European Athletics U23 Championships 11-14 July 2019.

See your favourite athletes perform on site here in Gävle. Join us, it'll be fun!

Buy your tickets now


14th of February, 2019

European Athletics U23 Championships 11-14 July 2019. Join us, it’ll be fun!

With 1,500 competing athletes arriving from 50 different countries, we need at least 500 volunteers. We are looking for team players who like to be in the spotlight, are passionate about service and always aim to exceed our guests’ expectations.

Does this sound like you or someone you know? Come to our information meeting on the 20th of February at 5:30 pm in Gavlehovshallen. Open for all, no need to register beforehand.

Of course you can also apply directly online. Sure, I want to be a volunteer! Take me to the application form.


5th of November, 2018

What’s on – current project work

We are planning logistics and competition technicalities and making Gavlehov Stadium Park ready for the eventful spring.

There is a lot of work to be done before the snow falls. Gavlehov Stadium Park will be the main connection point and home arena

for many participants and visitors next summer. July will be here sooner than we can imagine.


Team Leader Site Visit

On the 3rd-4th of October, Gävle was visited by team leaders from six different nations that will participate in the championships in July.

The team leaders visited the hotels and the stadium area. We informed them about our plans regarding the competitions and other practical details concerning their next trip to Sweden and Gävle.


Technical Partners Site Visit

On the 22nd-23rd of October, European Athletics visited us along with some of the project’s technical delegates. We talked a lot about cameras, wires and other details in the stadium area.

After that, we did a lot of planning regarding the timetable of the competitions, logistics flows and award ceremonies. The championships will be broadcasted by Swedish Television and hence we also had many conversations about how these days in July will be presented on TV.


Do you want to be a volunteer?

Now that one of the largest athletics competitions are coming to Gävle, we need to become many more. It doesn’t matter who you are or what previous experience you have.

Everyone can contribute. What is important is that you need to like to be a part of the action and love the atmosphere that is created when people meet.

Do you want to show off Gävle from its best side? Then you are the one we are looking for!

Apply to become a volunteer at our webpage, Join us, it’ll be fun! 


18th of September, 2018

Andreas – new CEO for the EAU23CH from the 1st of September

Andreas Segemark is now working full time as CEO for the European Athletics U23 Championships.
During the summer, he has participated in some of the project work. For instance, he joined some
of the project staff on a study visit to the IAAF U20 World Championships in Tampere, Finland,
and the Swedish National Championships in Eskilstuna.

  • The study visits have given me a positive view of how athletics events are arranged.
    My research has also meant a lot in terms of inspiration for my future work, says Andreas.

If you want to contact Andreas, he is available via telephone or email: +4679 - 072 96 00 or [email protected]


The Nordic-Baltic U23 Championships whet our appetite

To arrange an international test event in Gävle this summer has been a great learning experience for us. It was also a fantastic
chance for the EAU23CH project to try out our facilities before next summer.

13th of August, 2018

Early Bird tickets released

On the 13th of August, we released our first Early Bird tickets on The first tickets have been sold to buyers
from several different countries. In the social media campaign that is connected to the Early Bird offer, we see a strong interest
from Poland, which makes Poland a very interesting future market for us to process.


13th of June, 2018

Gävle welcomes the European Athletics U23 Championships 2019!

Between the 11th and the 14th of July 2019, Gävle and Gavlehov Stadium Park will be buzzing with people.

1,500 athletes from 47 countries will come to Sweden to make their best ever achievements during the competitions. The city is a skilled organizer of sports events, and our aim is to create a sustainable world class championship.


500 volunteers needed – are you the star we are looking for?

We are looking for team players who like the spotlight, are passionate about service and always want to exceed our guests' expectations!

Does this description sound like you or anyone you know? Read more about the different tasks and submit your application at


Summer promotion tour

Along with Gävle’s mobile tourist centre, the EAU23CH goes on tour this summer. Touring stops include the IAAF World U20 Championships in Tampere, Finland, the Finnkampen contest in Tampere, Finland, the Nordic/Baltic U23 Championships in Gävle and the Swedish National Championships in Eskilstuna, Sweden.

During the tour, we are looking forward to meeting many athletics enthusiasts and inviting them to Gävle next summer. We will also establish new contacts and exchange experiences, learning how other arrangers organize their events.


Follow the next generation of star athletes!

 Armand Duplantis, Irene Ekelund, Andreas Kramer, Louise Ekman and Vanessa Kamga are all part of the next generation of Swedish star athletes, and we are proud to present them as our ambassadors for the European Athletics U23 Championships in Gävle 2019. Follow them as they prepare for Gävle on our webpage, and at @gavle2019 on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and hashtag #gavle2019.