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Welcome to the European Athletics U23 Championships Gävle 2019

11-14 July 2019 Gavlehov Stadium Park 


Gävle welcomes the European Athletics U23 Championships 2019. 

1,500 participants from 51 countries will come to Sweden to make their best ever achievements during the competitions. The city is a skilled organizer of sports events, and our aim is to create a sustainable world class championship.


We want to make sure that participants, visitors and spectators enjoy their stay in our beautiful city. A fully packed stadium, a full festival atmosphere and a full experience of the genuine Gävle, that’s our goal.

Let’s create memories together.




Share your visit in Gävle#gavle2019

Make sure to share your experiences during the U23 Championships. Hashtag your shots from Gavlehov Stadium Park and the city centre.

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Do You remember the memories you created? Let’s make new ones! Now it’s time for our celebrity Gävlebocken to make entrance! He is the largest straw goat in the world, but you probably recognize him in a smaller type as the soft goat we had in the ceremonies! Begin the Christmas spirit in Gävle and meet Gävlebocken in real person (goat)! You won’t be disappointed 😉
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Did you enjoy your stay? Welcome bock in December when Christmas begins in Gävle.
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Thank you for putting your hearts and souls into this, for making great achievements and impressive results. You've been great! ❤️
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Another part of Gävle. ⛵🏃‍♀️ ☀️ Here the old Gävle, with buildings like the port warehouses and iconic coffee roastery Gevalia, meets the newest district Gävle Strand. All just minutes from the city centre. What better place to arrange the Race Walk? #gavle2019 #friidrott #athletics #europeanathletics #gillagävle #trackandfield
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Memories are served! 🥇The afternoon session starts 15:50 and it will be packed with finals and victory ceremonies. Come cheer for all the amazing athletes as they fight for the last medals! 👏 Psst! Check our story if you want to know how to display the medal in the box. #gavle2019 #friidrott #athletics #europeanathletics #gillagävle #trackandfield
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"In a ranking, it is in the top five of every competitions.” Hear Siegfried Schonert, Team Manager Germany, talk about why he thinks that Gavlehov Stadium Park is something out of the ordinary! 🙌🏻 Here athletes can practice, warm up and compete in the same place. 🤩 Swipe to see the rest of the video. #gavle2019 #friidrott #athletics #europeanathletics #gillagävle #trackandfield
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Good morning Day 4! ☀️ Bring everyone you know and enjoy the LAST day of the championships! Check out todays programme our website 📅 @gavle2019 #gavle2019 #friidrott #athletics #europeanathletics #gillagävle #trackandfield
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This day though 😍 #gavle2019 #friidrott #athletics #europeanathletics #gillagävle #trackandfield